Discover Dabbahu Fissure, Afar Region and Awash National Park

Discover Dabbahu Fissure, Afar Region and Awash National Park 9 Days

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Explore Dabahu also written as Dabbahu Fissure, Afar Region and North Ethiopia 

Discover Dabbahu Fissure, Afar Region and Awash National Park 9 Days

Dabahu Fissure

Discover Dabbahu Fissure, Afar Region and Awash National Park


Program: Dabahu Fissure

Tour Code: Dabbahu  3

Duration: 8 Nights (9 Days)

Transportation: Drive and air

Accommodation: Tempted camp & Hotel

Tour starts: Addis Ababa

Tour Ends: Addis Ababa

Day 1: Arrive to Addis Ababa

Morning, arrive to Addis Ababa Bole International Airport & meet with us and transfer and check-in hotel. Then City tour of Addis Ababa:  driving to the Entoto Mountain (3300m) for a panoramic view of Addis, Entoto Museum with historical and royal exhibit, The Church of St. Mary, built in 1885 and the old palace of emperor MenelikII. Take some images at Mount Entoto and drive back to Addis for Ethnological Museum that exhibits the culture and handicrafts of various Ethiopian ethnic groups, the National Museum in which you are visiting different archaeological findings (including Lucy’s replica Skeleton). After lunch, visit the Trinity Cathedral, Mausoleum of emperor MenelikII at Bààta Church and finally Merkatothe largest open market in Africa.  Overnight – The Hub Hotel (4*) or similar – Addis

Day2: Semera - Teru – Near Debbahu

Fly from Addis Ababa to Semera and drive to Teru (120 km Gravel Road) Overlook Soemmerring’s Gazelle on the way and about 10 km to where the first camp and vehicles parked (Afar Village).

Day3:  Between Dabbahu and First Campsite

Trek towards Dabahu, on a very difficult lava rocks, requires to challenge hot temperature and landscapes (about 3 -4hrs trek). Overnight – on an open field in Dabbahu

Day4:  Dabbahu Fissure

Trek to Dabbahu Fissure, a long, wide open Mountain Crack (known as Daure). It is a process of splitting or dividing the Dabbahu area. The main Crack smells Potash and sulfur like Danakil Depression (about 450 km away from here). The surrounding Datura area, Dabbahu is an amazing volcanic activity site. It is hugely impressive land of extraordinary activity underground and one can say nothing but charged in overwhelming feelings. The heat underground vapors benefits water for Afar People. They dig the ground for about three to five meters then vapors of moisture comes, the pit will be covered on top by grass straw for condensation.  Overnight – Bottom of Daure, Dabahu

Day5:  Dabbahu – back towards vehicles

Explore The Fissure of Dabbahu area and back towards where you camped on an Open Field in Dabbahu. Overnight – Tented camp - Dabbahu

Day6:  Dabbahu - vehicles place

Trek back for 3 hours and drive to Semera. Overnight – At Agda Hotel or similar – Semera

Day7:   Semera – Ali Dege Wildlife Reserve – Doho Lodge

Drive to Ali Deghe /Dege Wild Life Reserve and explore the reserve.  Expected wildlife: somering gazelle Oryx and gerenuk, Zebra, Lions, wild Ass and others. Overnight – Doho Lodge.

Info: Doho Lodge is located at an amazing Hot spring site known as Doho. There is Lake Doho Nearby. It is isolated place where animals like Black Backed Jackal, Dik- Dik may be seeable. The hot spring water coming from Rock top massage so uniquely.  At least one relaxing night here is worthy.

Day8:   Awash National Park, Filwuha Hot Spring, Awash Waterfalls

Drive to Awash National Park for, Wash Waterfalls and expected wildlife: Beisa Oryx, Hamadryas Baboon, Warthogs, Lion, Cheetah, Lessor Kudu, Waterbuck, Bustard and secretary birds. A special attraction is the beautiful clear pool of the Filwuha hot springs.   About three minutes swim makes it a full day swim.  It is about 40 degree centigrade and absolutely excellent natural, blue colored water under desert palm trees shadow. Never miss this to swim. Overnight – Awash Falls Lodge – Awash Park, Near Awash Waterfalls

Day9:  Awash Park – Addis Ababa

Game drive and to Addis Ababa. Possible dinner in one of Ethiopian National dish restaurants (Yod Abyssinia Restaurant or Habesha 2000) with live traditional dances then departure in the evening (End of the trip)

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request

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Discover Dabbahu Fissure, Afar Region and Awash National Park
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