Harar, which has no airport, is 523 km from Addis Ababa, 332 km. from Awash station and 55 km. from Dire Dawa (Town have an Airport). It can be reached by a good, scenic asphalt road.

The ancient city of Harar, which was established between 7th and 9th centuries, has remained a center of Islamic religions from the early days of the Islamic expansion until 1887, when the authority of the central government was restored by Emperor MenelikII.

Harar with its 99 mosques and shrines, is considered the forth most sacred center of the Islamic world. The town of Harar is surrounded by a great defensive wall made of a strong stones and mud. This wall was believed to have been built in 1550's by Amir Nur, the nephew of the great Imam Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim Al Ghazi  ( Gragn Ahmed as Ethiopians referred  him) of Ethiopia.

The city of Harar has five large gates. Part of the city, which is encircled by the wall, is known as 'Jegol'. Places of interest to be visited in Harar are the "Rimbaud House" which is named after the famous French poet who chose Harar as his city of exile from French.In addition to this, the rich and exciting marketing places, the house of Ras Mekonnen and the Harari house with unique architectural features deserve to be seen.

The Harari and Oromo women in Harar have been known for their unique customs and basket works. They still wave intricate creation from colored fibers and grasses. Harar is also known for its "Hyena Man" who feeds his wild friends, the hyenas, with meat and bones every evening in the open air.

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