Trekking  in Simien Mountains Park

Simien  Mountains National Park

Simien  Mountains National ParkThe best reason for coming to Simien Mountains  National park is to see the spectacular views; with viewpoints allowing a panoramic look at the surrounding country, and some incredible geography. They are also notable for being the only mountain range in Africa which regularly has snow-topped caps; Read more…

Kafta Sheraro National Park

Kafta Sheraro National Park

Kafta Sheraro National ParkKafta-Shiraro or Sheraro Wildlife ParkKafta-Sheraro, acknowledged as National Park in 2007 is located in western Tigray, with its 500,000 ha area, it is one of the largest conservation areas in Ethiopia. It is bordered by Eritrea in the north, Shiraro in the east, Wolkite in the south Read more…

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