Sudan Ethiopia Tours

Sudan Ethiopia Tours 17 Days

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Visit Sudan,Meroe,Naga and Mussawarat

Sudan Ethiopia Tours 17 Days

Sudan Ethiopia Tours 17 Days
Itineraries on this page enable you to explore Ethiopia and Sudan in combination. These two eastern Africa countries are rich in tourism destinations.

Ethiopia is mainly known worldwide in Historical attractions, majestic mountains like Simien Mountains and scenic landscapes and untouched culture, especially in the southern regions of the country. Sudan is largely famous in desert safari. Climate: Sudan has tropical weather conditions (warm and humid) in the south, while in the deserts of the north; conditions are hot and dry for most of the year.

Ethiopia and Sudan sample tour Programs
Program: Ethiopia – Sudan
Tour Code: Sudan 01
Duration: 16 nights (17 days)
Transportation: Air and Land
Tour Starts: Addis Ababa
Tour Ends: Khartoum
Day 1: Arrival: Morning. Arrive at Addis Ababa Bole International Air Port. Meet there with us and transfer to your hotel for check in and after breakfast; drive to the Entoto Mountain for a panoramic view of Addis, Entoto Museum and the old palace of MenelikII (at Entoto Mountain), the National Museum where you can discover different archaeological findings (including 3.18 million years old skeleton of Lucy), Trinity Cathedral, Mausoleum of emperor MenelikII and finally Merkato – the largest open market in Africa. Overnight – at chosen Hotel – Addis
Day 2: City Tour of Gondar: After Breakfast; fly from Addis to Gondar and visit the 17th Century Emperor Fassiladas castles, the Swimming pool of the emperor, Palace of Empress Mentewab and the 17 century church of Debre Birhan Selassie (Light of Trinity. Overnight – at chosen Hotel – Gondar
Day 3: Metema – Gedaref: After Breakfast; drive to Metema, Sudan border and continue to Gedaref. Overnight –at chosen hotel - Gedarf
Day 4: Gedarf – Khartoum: Morning; drive from Gedarf to Khartoum via Wad Medani. Overnight –at chosen hotel - Khartoum
Day 5: Khartoum & Omdurman: City tour of Khartoum and Omdurman. The tour includes: the National Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Khalifa's House (Museum), Mahdi Tomb, the Old‎
‎Suq (Market) of Omdurman, and finally; the confluence of the two Niles (Blue Nile & White
Nile). Overnight –at chosen hotel - Khartoum
Day 6. Naqa – Mussawarat – Meroe: Drive from Khartoum to the ancient cultic centre of Nagaa/Naqa with the Meroitic temple of Amun, ‎the Roman chapel and the lion temple, about 160 km and Proceed to Musawwarat , an extensive temple area with rare elephant depictions. ‎Afterwards continue to the small town of Shendi, 80 km, and onwards 30 km to ‎Meroe. Visit the largest pyramid cemetery of the Nile valley – dozens of black ‎pyramids rise from the desert sands. Overnight – tented camp - in front of the pyramids of ‎Meroe
Day 7. Meroe - Damer - Bayoda Desert- Deir Gazali – Karima: In the morning, take photo of the Meroe pyramids. Then after breakfast; ‎drive to El Damer 100 km from Meroe, crossing the Nile to Umm Tuyur on the west bank. ‎Afterwards the route leads through the Bayoda desert for 400 km, Visit to the ‎ancient monastery of Deir Gazali, then drive to Nuri, 25 km. Visit the cemetery ‎containing the pyramids of the 26th dynasty, among them that of Pharaoh ‎Taharka. At late afternoon; drive to Karima. Overnight – hotel – Karima
Day 8. The Necropolis of El-Kurru: The ‎subterranean tomb of King Tanwetamani is decorated in the classical Pharoanic ‎style. Drive 18 km to Jebel Barkal and visit ‎the great temple of Amun of Napata, dating back to the 12th century B.C. The ‎temple was the most important religious centre of Kush. Overnight – hotel – Karima
Day 9: Karma: Drive from Karima to Karma (about 300 km). Overnight - at a ‎Nubian house ‎- Karma
Day 10: Karma – Messaida – Soleb: Drive from Karma, to the Upper Nubian. Visit the ‎‎"Duffufa", large mud brick constructions slightly younger than the Giza pyramids, ‎were probably tombs. Drive to the village of Karma for provisions, then proceed ‎to Messaida, 18 km, and visit an old Christian chapel. Drive north, through ‎colorful Nubian villages to Delgo, 80km, cross the Nile, and then drive 70 km to ‎Soleb. Overnight in the a Nubian house- Soleb
Day 11: Soleb – Sedeinga – Sai – Soleb: Morning; visit the temple of Soleb, a Nubian copy of the temples of the Egyptian New ‎Kingdom, with pillars reminiscent of Luxor temple and drive for Sedeinga, the temple dedicated to Queen Teje, the mother of Akhenaten. Then ‎boat trip on the island of Sai, 40 km for the settlement ruins from old Nubian, ‎Pharaonic and Christian times. Return back to Soleb and drive through the ‎desert along the old Darb el-Arabian, the "Road of Forty" – for a camel caravan takes 40 days ‎from Khartoum to Cairo on this road. Overnight in the house of a Nubian – Soleb
Day 12 & Day 13: Soleb – Sesibi – Sebu – Tumbos: Turn back 50 km to Sesibi, a military outpost of Pharaoh Akhenaton. Cross ‎the Nile near Delgo and drive 30 km to the 3rd cataract. Photo stop at the rapids ‎and drive 50 km to Tumbos, passing through prehistoric rock inscriptions near Sebu. Visit ‎to hieroglyphic inscriptions and a recumbent statue of King Taharka in the granite ‎quarries. Overnight - at a ‎Nubian house ‎- Tumbos
Day 14. Tumbos – Kawa - Old Dongola: Drive from Tumbos to Karma to buy provisions, and then drive 120 km to Kawa to see ‎the sand-covered temple ruins. Then proceed to Old Dongola. Overnight -, tented camp - Old Dongola
Day 15. Old Dongola – Wadi Milk: Visit Old Dongola where it was once the Christian capital of the Nubian kingdom Makuria and ‎later a major Islamic city. After Old Dongola; drive to the spectacular desert ‎valley of Wadi Milk. Often one meets Bisharin Bedouin watering their camels at ‎one of the wells. Overnight -, tented camp – Wadi Milk
Day 16. Wadi Milk – Khartoum: After breakfast; take a walk around; then drive back to Khartoum. Arrive ‎late in the afternoon. Overnight - hotel – Khartoum
Day 17: Departure: Free time before mid – day and departure home/another trip (end of the trip)
Notice: This itinerary can be amended upon request

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