Travel Ethiopia, Once with us, always with us

Map of Ethiopia

Travel Ethiopia, Once with us, always with us

Travel Ethiopia, Once with us, always with us

Northern parts: Discover Axum, Geralta Rock Churches, Yeha Temple, Lalibela,Gondar,Simien Mountains National Park,Bahir Dar, Lake Tana and Christian Monasteries,Blue Nile Waterfalls,Portuguese Bridge, and many more…

Western Parts:  Wenchi Crater Lake, Gambela National Park, Nuer and Agnuak People, Baro River and others

Southern Parts:  Omo Valley Tribes, Nechisar National Park,Omo National Park,Mago National Park, Chebera Churchura National Park,Maze National Park and Wildlife sanctuaries

Eastern Parts: Awash national Park, Bale Mountains National Park, Sof Omar Natural Cave,Sheikh Hussein Muslim shrines, Harar, Somali People, Dire Dawa, lega Oda,Ali Deghe Wildlife Reserve, Afar People, Hadar Depression  ( Fossil Finding area where the Skeleton of Lucy was discovered in 1974), Dabbahu Fissure, Danakil Depression and saline Lakes…..

Explore one of the most Historical Country – Ethiopia know as The Origin of Mankind or The Cradle of Mankind.

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