Visit Lake Afambo

Visit Lake Afambo – 10 Days

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Visit Lake Afambo

Visit Lake Afambo - 10 Days

Visit Lake Afambo - 10 Days

Visit LakeVisit Lake Afambo, Gummare about 20 km off-road and walk towards Lake Abbe Afambo, Gummare Lake Abbe on Ethiopian border side


Program: Danakil Depression

Tour Code: Afar 10

Duration: 9 Nights (10 Days)

Transportation: Air & Land (4WD)

Tour starts: Addis Ababa

Tour ends: Addis Ababa

Day 1: Arrival/ Addis

Arrive in the evening.  Overnight -Hotel – Addis

Day 2:  Addis Ababa – Semera - Assaita 

Fly from Addis Ababa to Semera then we drive to Asaita (60km), which was the former Capital to the Afar people and a base to explore the different salt lakes nearby. In Asaita, there is an Afar Market on every Tuesday. Overnight –Hotel - Asaita

Day 3:   Lake Afambo, Gummare and Lake Abbe

We drive towards Lake Afambo, Lake Gummare  about 20 km off-road and walk towards Lake Abbe on Ethiopian border side( 6 hours walk) with Afar Guide, and our camping and cooking equipment. Overnight – camping – Lake Abbe

Day 4:   Lake Abbe

Discover the Lake Abbe, the seldom visited lake but unique in its landscape (surrounded by high mountains), support dense population of hippos and crocodiles and water birds. Overnight – camping – Lake Abbe

Day 5: Assaita 

Back to where the vehicles are camped and drive to Asaita (Aussa). Overnight –Hotel - Asaita

Day 6: Assaita – Afdera

Drive from Assaita to Afdera ( Afrera) via Serdo (230 km Asphalt Road). Afternoon visit the salt mining lake of Afdera also known as Lake Afrera and Ali Genda hot springs at shores of Afdera. O/N camping/ or Horahor Hotel (it is simple open place with common shower and toilet) - Afdera

Day 7: Arte Ale Volcano

Morning; drive from Afdera towards Erta Ale via Kursewat. After arranging camels for Arte Ale Mountain, drive to Waydodom and then climb Arta Ale, accompanying with camping and cooking gears, being loaded by Afar Camel (3-4hrs walk). After siesta, explore the extraordinary lava that babbles from its mouth of Arte Ale volcanic fire. During night time the volcano will be fully seen with its magnificent color of zigzagging fire, producing from huge rocks. Therefore; in the evening, we will descend from Camping site to the drama of the oldest active volcanic Lake.  Overnight- camping on the top of Arte Ale. 

Day 8:   Arta Ale   – Hammed Ela

Descend where vehicles are camping and drive to Hammed Ela via Kursewat - on desert sand road or via Alaba / Shiketi, on asphalt road.  Overnight – camping (in Afar House) – Hammed Ela

Day 9:  Dallol Depression and Lake Asalé - Mekelle

Early morning (6:30 am); excursion to the Danakil depression. On this day; surely, you will be overwhelmed with strong feeling of admiration, because of the awesome of Dalol. After Dalol; proceed to the traditional salt extraction site from where too many camels are waiting to be loaded rock salts - just nearby the Salt Lake of Asalé. Then approach to Lake Asalé. Afternoon, drive to Mekelle. Overnight – Hotel (3-4*) – Mekelle

Day 10: Departure 

Fly from Mekelle to Addis Ababa (end of the trip)

Notice: This itinerary can be amended upon request

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Visit Lake Afambo
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