Visit Simien Mountains National Park 11 Days

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Visit Simien Mountains National Park 

Visit Simien Mountains National Park 11 Days

Semien Mountains National Park
Tour  Simien Mountains National Park. Discover Simien Park – roof of east Africa.
Program: Historic Routes and Simien Mountains
Code: Trek 07
Duration: 10 nights/11 days
Transportation: Drive, trekking & Flight
Tour starts: Addis Ababa
Tour ends: Addis Ababa
Day 01 - Drive from Gondar  to Debark, trek to Sankaber. Overnight -camping - Sankaber
Day 02 - Trekking from Sankaber-Geech. Overnight- camping - Geech
Day 03 - Mount Imetgo & Kedadit. Overnight- camping - Geech.
Day 04 – Trek from Geech to Chennek. Overnight - camping - Chennek
Day 05 - Trek from Chennek to Ambiko. Overnight- camping - Ambiko
Day 06 - Climb Ras Dashen from Ambiko (4543m). Overnight- camping Ambiko
Day 07 – Trek from Ambiko to Sona. Overnight- camping - Sona
Day 08 - Trek from Sona to Mekarebya. Overnight - camping - Mekarebya
Day 09 – Trek from Mekarebya to Mulit. Overnight - camping - Mulit
Day 10 – Trek from Mulit to Adarkay, get your car & drive to Axum. Overnight- hotel - Axum
Day 11 - Fly to Addis & departure 

The itinerary can be amended up on request

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