Visit Yirgalem Forest

Visit Yirgalem Forest


Program: Yirgalem Forest

Tour Code: Short Tour 02

Duration: 2 Days     
Transportation: Land 

Day 1: after Breakfast, we drive to Yirgalem. Yirgalem is about 40 km away from town of Awassa.  Yirgalem is a coffee region, and the scenery is extraordinarily lush and evergreen. The accommodation at Aregash Lodge is a traditional Sidamo House, a pleasant peaceful lodge with walks through gardens and forests.  There are more than 100 bird species recorded in the area, and on our walks we can see hyena, jackals, and Columbus and velvet monkeys. Check –in at Aregash Lodge and walk into the forest. Overnight – Aregash Lodge.

Day 2: Morning; explore the nearby areas and after breakfast; drive back to Addis Ababa through the Rift valley lakes.

Itinerary can be amended upon request

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